GUN- Krieghoff Special Trap Combo. 34″ single, 32″o/u. All three barrels have been back-bored and re-choked by Tom Wilkinson. Single choked (none of the barrels have choke tubes) at 34 thousandths, o/u is 20 and 30 thousandths. All three barrels have been pigeon ported by Pro Port. I shoot this gun exclusively for trap. It has a 4 way adjustable comb and a Nelson adjuster with a straight kick-eez pad. There is one mercury reducer in the butt stock. Even if you don’t believe in reducers, I think weight (generally in the range of 6 to 16 oz) in the butt stock helps a trap gun. All three barrels shoot to the same point of impact. The trigger is a Krieghoff factory double release. It is set at 5.5 pound set and 2.0 pound release. The stock I was using was by Wenig but it was duplicated from a stock from my old gun. I switched to a Russ Diguesaldo stock that he duplicated from my original stock. Russ does great work. I had to switch after my original K-80 stock broke beyond repair due to improper bedding when it was made.

GLASSES- Currently I use Decot Hy Wyds with changeable lenses from L & M. I have three favorite colors I use regularly- Gold 10, Light Zeiss red and Light Target Bronze. All lenses are anti-reflective (AR) coated. When in doubt, I use the Gold 10’s. I like AR because it is great under the lights and also lets more light through the lens at all times. The more light you can let through the lens without squinting is usually better. I wear blinders at all times while shooting. I extend the right blinder beyond the normal punches so that I cannot see the person to my right moving. Unexpected side movement can cause misses, so I eliminate that with use of the blinders.

SHELLS- for registered, I use factory ammo. I use 2 ¾ dram -1 1/8 ounce -8’s at singles. For handicap, I used the standard 3 dram 1 1/8 ounce 7 ½’s for 20 years. But I switched to the handicap load about 15 years ago. For doubles I use an 2 ¾- 1 1/8- 7 ½ or 8 for the first shot and a 3 dram 1 1/8 -7 ½ for the second shot. I use the same shells regardless of weather.